Medica Medication Reminder For Android Tutorial

Tired of forgetting your medications and eager to know how will Medica Reminders help? Lets go!


In Medica, you can add prescriptions with all of your medications in just a few touches.


Type your doctor’s name, address and his phone, and then add medications by pressing the [+] button.

Add your medications

Type your medication name, adjust the dose and select your medication type (tablet, capsule, drops, spray, … among 17 types.

Medication doses & photos

Now you can adjust how many times you will take your medication simply by just swiping on top of the medication image, and it will adjust the time spacing between each dose automatically.

Also you can add your own medication image right from the camera by clicking on the center of the medication type button (tablet, capsules …etc) and it will open the camera for you to take an image for your medication.

Doctor’s instructions & refills

Now write down your doctor’s instructions and never confuse yourself again. You can also indicate how many times you’ll need to refill your meds.

Recording & Follow-ups

Now you have added all of your medications, you can record your doctor’s instructions of how and when you can take these meds with all of his recommendations.
Also don’t forget to assign the date of the next follow-up with your doctor in the bottom calendar to be reminded.

Play with your prescription

Play around with these nice 3D rectangles by pressing on them to view the daily times of your meds, refills and instructions.

Remove medication

And, if you added a wrong medication in your prescription, no problem. Just swipe right to remove it!

Archive & Delete prescriptions

Now, back to prescription menu, the prescriptions on the desk are the active ones. If no longer in work, just drag it up to archive it, or even drag it down to shred (delete) it 😉

Drag it up to archive it, or down to shred it


To access the Settings, drag the settings rack from the bottom. You may adjust things like alarm tone, volume or vibration.

Moreover, the alarm can be adjusted according to your preferences; you have three option to play with:

  • Alert Then Stop: here the alert will play for some time, then give up and silent!

  • Alert Forever: the alert will play forever until you take your medications, you won’t miss your meds again!

  • Go And Come: it will play for a while then snooze by itself then play again and so on until you take your medication and dismiss the alert.


For full privacy of your data and safety, you can secure access to the app with a passcode if you wish from settings.

Next medication

From All Prescriptions screen, pressing “back button” will tell you when your next medication will be.

Medication reminder

When the time comes, Medica will popup with its unique design & graphical interface, play with your medication cubes, but don’t forget taking them after all 🙂

You can mark each medication as taken or missed by touching the cube, or you may press the back button to snooze the alarm for a while or even dismiss it.

Follow-up reminder

Finally, when it’s time to visit your doctor for a follow-up, Medica will make sure you won’t forget, as usual!



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