Medica Reminders for Symbian

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Medica Reminders for Symbian

Recording Voice Instructions

Never Lose Or Forget Your Prescriptions

Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your old prescriptions or remembering your doctor instructions. Use Medica Reminders to store your medical prescriptions on your mobile phone and never worry to lose them again. You can also record doctor’s instructions in voice so as to recall exactly what s/he described.

Capturing Medication Photo

Take Exact Medications

Add many medications to your prescription. Use the camera of your mobile phone to capture a photo of the medication. Now, you don’t have to bother for recalling the medication name. When the medication reminder goes off, the captured photo will just do the job.

Adjusting Medication Timetable

Flexible Medication Timetables

You no more have to use a pill-box or a medical watch to get reminded. As a medication management app, Medica App helps you to specify in which time(s) and weekday(s) you to take the medication. Add as many times and weekdays as doctor prescribed, and simply uncheck the day(s) you don’t take the medication on.

Many Prescriptions ... Many Patients

Care For Many Patients

If you are a nurse or a caregiver and responsible for many patients, then you must be fed up of using nursing worksheets and pill organizers. You are probably having some really hard times managing your patients’ overlapping dozes and confusing schedules.
Now with Medica App, managing even 10 patients at a time will be as easy as just caring for oneself! Simply set the name of each patient on his/her prescription, write the doctor’s name, add medications to the prescription, and it’s all done. When it’s time for medication, Medica App will tell you which patients should take which medications with the prescribed dozes. Senior care and elder care will never be easier now! No excuses left!

Medica Followup Reminder

Don’t Forget The Followup!

In addition to medication reminders, Medica App reminds users (patients or caregivers) of the time of next follow up. The reminder goes off beforehand in order to get prepared to get the followup. Your pill organizer or medical watch won’t do that!

Customizing Reminders Settings

Customize Your Reminders

Not only you can choose your preferred reminder tone, but also you can choose to play human or robot voice saying “Attention, Medica Reminders!”. This is most convenient for seniors and elderly people.
Additionally, you can have many reminder customizations like: adjusting the volume, the reminder repetitions, the snoozing period, and more.

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