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Medica Reminders for Windows Phone 8

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All Prescriptions Managed!

For a chronic patient with lots of prescription papers, it’s a real mess. Now go paperless, and have your prescriptions available at the palm of your arm.

Prescription in Text, Photos & Audio

Your prescription is live now with your physician info, your medications photos, and your doctor’s instructions audio. You have no excuses left to forget or get confused.

Almost All Medication Types Covered

From syrup, pill and inhaler, to gel and physio-therapy, almost all medication types are supported. Pick the right type, fill in the med name and dose, and tap to capture the med photo if you wish.

5 Scheduling Options for Flexible Medication Regimen

Schedule the medicine regimen either hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or even as-needed. You can set the starting time, frequency, day times, days-of-week, days-of-month, and other flexibility options.

Medications Reminding & Tracking

When its time for meds, the app alerts you to check and open the medication reminder list. Take meds and mark as taken, skip for later taking, or just leave as missed. You have also a Windows Phone tile updated bi-hourly to keep an eye on the missed. Your pill box is no longer needed!

Doctor Follow-up Appointment Reminder

Set your next follow-up reminder day, time, and clinic location then leave the rest to the app. You will get reminded before your appointment by enough time to get ready. You can also reschedule the appointment, mark as attended, or just cancel it.

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