Medication Reminder & Tracker App for Android

Medication Reminder Screen

Get reminded to take your medications on time

Track your adherence by marking your meds as taken, skipped, or leave as missed!

Prescription Screen

Take your prescription wherever you go

Your prescription medications and doctor voice instructions are recorded.

Brilliant app, really easy to use and has everything I need. Only second day of use and I love it already, thank you.

Jade Pearce
Medication Screen

Add your medications with photos

From 17 medication types: keep the stunning stock photo or capture medication photo.

The best app for taking my meds I’m on alot so often I miss some or I take them to late and then I’m suffering the consequences so this is perfect, I tried about 5 different apps before I found this one, I’m also paying…

Shannon Marshall
Settings Screen

Customize your medicine reminder

Select reminder style and tone, adjust tone volume, and others.

Schedule Screen

Easily set your medication schedule

Every day, every other day, every weekday, every 2 weeks, every month, etc.

And best of all… it is FREE!

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