Medication Reminder, Tracker, and Refill Reminder for iPhone

Medication Reminder on iPhone

Track Your Medications with Amazing Reminders

Now comes the meds time! Enjoy the amazing swinging medication reminder, with the snooze option. Mark the meds as taken, skipped, or missed. You will get reminder notifications so you don’t even need to keep the app in the background. It’s time for you to safely throw away your old pill box and pill dispenser.

Great app! Love the graphics and the ease of use. Reminders are also extremely helpful.

Anon, from the App Store reviews
All Prescriptions Screen

Your Prescriptions & Your Caretaker’s Prescriptions!

Whether you are a chronic patient with loads of prescriptions, or a caregiver caring for your patients, or even a mom looking for her kids, you should no longer worry about storing the old prescriptions in paper. Medica Reminders app does the heavy lifting for you and your caretakers.


Prescription Screen

Multimedia Prescription Management

Convert your paper prescription into a multimedia one on your app. Attach your physician info, add all your meds, and record your doctor’s instructions in audio, and never forget or get confused again.

Great app to help manage doctors and prescriptions. Overall it is great and does exactly what is expected with a simple interface.

DOUGG, from the App Store reviews
Medication Screen

17 Medication Types With Stunning Graphics

From tablets, capsules and drops, to physio-therapy and treatment sessions, almost all medication types are supported. Type the med name and appropriate dose, and the special instructions. You can keep the default type gorgeous graphics, or tap to capture the medication photo yourself.

Schedule Screen

Flexible Medication Scheduling

Was the med taken hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly, you are easy to set and go. The app also allows you to set the starting time of reminding and you can even set the schedule to the default as-needed.

Follow-up Screen

Don’t Forget Your Follow-up Appointments!

You have a doctor followup visit, and your kid has another visit. And you won’t miss any of these appointments anymore! Just set each followup reminder and set the clinic info, and when to be reminded.

And best of all… it is FREE!

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