Forgetting Pills!

OMG! Did I miss my pills again?

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Forgetting to take medications is a serious problem especially among seniors. Results of a recent healthcare survey showed that half of the surveyed sample stated that they usually don’t take prescribed medications on time. And a third of those who remember to take their medications either stop before completing the treatment period, or don’t adhere to the prescribed dose! The results also revealed that the more medications taken, the more likely patients forgets. To get over this, people tried different medication reminding tools.

Almost all of us once used fridge magnets or colorful sticky notes to remember an appointment, a shopping list, or even times for medicine. Some may agree with a friend or a relative who follows a daily medication schedule to call each other every day to remind taking meds. But it would be a problem if none of us remembered to call at the first place! To remember refilling my prescription, each time you pick up a refill, you would make a note on your calendar to order the next refill about one week before the current one runs out. I guess some people are also familiar with pill boxes or medicine organizers. Now there are pill boxes enhanced with a digital alarm, so it will alert you when it’s time for med.

Other medication reminding tools include medical watches, so a patient can set the alarm to ring each time he or she has to take a medication. Also digital pill dispensers can be set to unlock the exact dose just on time – some of which can even be connected to the Internet, and the patient can subscribe to an online medication reminding service. With more and more high-tech devices around, there have been great helping solutions. Many reminding apps are there for desktops, PDAs, Pocket PCs, and other handhelds.

These days we can never forget about mobile apps, as we are beginning to rely on smart phones more than our PCs. Now you can do almost everything you used to do with your laptop right from your smartphone; shopping from online stores, checking facebook and twitter, knowing the latest breaking news, or chatting with friends. So as we are spending an ever increasing time with our smartphones, it makes sense to use a medical alert system as a mobile app to remember taking medications on time.

Our Medica Reminders app reminds patients take their medications on time by alarms, voice, vibrations, and medicine photos. You just add your prescriptions list, enter your medications (and can capture its photo using your mobile camera), and the app will do the rest.

When its time to take your med, the app pops up and tells you what medication to take. Interestingly, you can add prescriptions for many patients like your mom, dad and all your family or if you’re a caregiver. It’s very handy.

Medica is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Doctors always warn; patients should never skip a medication dose. In today’s crazy busy life and stuffed day work, medication reminders are a real must for a painless and effective medication compliance.