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  • Forgetting Pills!

    OMG! Did I miss my pills again?

    Forgetting to take medications is a serious problem especially among seniors. Results of a recent healthcare survey showed that half of the surveyed sample stated that they usually don’t take prescribed medications on time. And a third of those who remember to take their medications …

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  • Pill Box

    Complex Medication Regimens

    Problems of adherence to complex medical regimen are spread among individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and HIV. And because the risk of more health problems can be reduced by good adherence habits, patient’s non-adherence to treatment prescriptions is quintessential for health care professionals. …

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  • Bedridden Senior Feature

    Medication Compliance

    Numbers Talk Medication compliance refers to the extent to which patients take medications as prescribed by doctors or therapists. Millions of patients in the U.S. are facing problems about how to take their medications exactly as prescribed. Studies show that up to half of all …

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